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50-Minute Romeo and Juliet
Adapted by Barbara Zahora, Michelle Shupe and Peter Garino, “50-Minute Romeo and Juliet” presents an abridged telling of Shakespeare’s most enduring love story that places an enhanced emphasis on the journey of the star-crossed lovers. Utilizing four actors, two which play Romeo and Juliet and two which play all other supporting roles, “50-Minute Romeo and Juliet” contains many of The Bard's most famous lines and speeches while retaining much of his saga's pathos,poetry and passion.

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50-Minute Hamlet
Adapted by Jeff Christian, “50-Minute Hamlet” presents Shakespeare’s most
enduring tragedy. Utilizing just two actors, “50-Minute Hamlet” is the perfect in-classroom accompaniment to students' study of the play that illuminates the play's most important scenes and characters. The Shakespeare Project of Chicago has presented it to numerous Chicago area schools since its premier in 2002. It has won the acclaim of students and teachers alike each time it has been presented.

My Name Is Will
Shakespeare's sonnets represent some of his most personal and emotionally charged writing.  Shakespeare Project Artistic Director Peter Garino has created a dramatic context for 35 of the sonnets, augmented by 11 songs from eight of Shakespeare's plays.  The distinctly American music of Chris Walz (who toured the world with The Special Consensus Bluegrass Band and currently teaches at the Old Town School of Folk Music) provides a dramatic counterpoint to the Bard's poetry and lyrics.  Join us for this musical celebration that features beautiful poetry, original music and four of your favorite Shakespeare Project actors.  Running time:  53 minutes. Available for private booking as well as education outreach.
Patrrick Gagnon, Mary Ringstad, Barbara Zahora and
Jeff Christian in "My Name Is Will."